What can FieldCo. do for you?

An experienced field service management tool in your pocket


Work orders created and assigned are delivered via mobile notifications to the field personnel.

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You can create and assign work orders via FieldCo. web or mobile app. This way, you can organize according to your work schedule and make sure the personnel routes are optimized. At the end of the day, you save from fuel costs and precious time.


These notifications sent to your field personnel include information such as customer profile, product details and its service history, service type etc.

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GPS tracking

Track the locations and actual routes including the pinpoints of completed jobs via FieldCo.

Personnel KPI reports

Can you obtain reliable data regarding your personnel performance?

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FieldCo. enables you to track the amounts of time your field personnel spends on the way, on the job and during brakes. Also, it shows the real-time and history of routes followed by your field personnel. This allows you to compare and obtain quantifiable data regarding your work force, thus increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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Signature on screen

Take your signatures of your customers right from your mobile device.

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Since one of our goals is to eliminate paper service forms, we provided our users with a electronic equivalent of customer signatures.


While the customers can sign on the screen upon completion of a work order, the signature of the technician is saved in their profile and therefore, it is automatically inserted into the service form.

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Paperless service reports

No more paper service reports with FieldCo.

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Upon completing a work order, the field personnel takes the signatures and optionnaly, checks a box that enables e-mail delivery of the service report to the customer. This helps you save time and money by archiving these reports and protects your business against lost service reports that turn into financial losses.


Also, since these forms are prepared electronically in the background, there is no risk of unreadeable content, that eliminates human error.


It goes without saying that you will save a considerable amount of money on paper.

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GPS navigation

Navigate to your customers’ location via FieldCo.

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When you assign a work order to your field personnel, you share information such as customer address, phone number, product, model and serial number details, service history etc.


Navigation to your customer can be activated with a button from the mobile application with ease. In every work order, there are two buttons; call and navigate.


(works with Yandex Nav, Google Maps, Apple Maps)

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What we do as FieldCo.

FieldCo. provides effective solutions to companies that are in need of a software to manage their workforce, organize their processes and obtain reliable long-term data in order to grow and improve.