Work flawlessly with ERP softwares

How do we integrate FieldCo?

We at FieldCo. believe that whether you are a CRM, ERP or an FSM (field service management) company, it is important that you focus on your subject. That is why we believe in successful, long term integrations.

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What and how do we communicate?

  • Synchronizing customer cards,
  • Products and spare parts,
  • Real-time price changes,
  • Inventory substractions from parts used,
  • Streamlining offer, installation and after-sales processes, (+ warranty)
  • Billing, invoicing and payment systems integration

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The technical stuff

For a successful integration, FieldCo. IP’s must be allowed to communicate with your ERP. There is no need for an installation on your server. Even if your servers shut down, FieldCo. resumes operation upon reboot.

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FieldCo. fetches information from your ERP every 5 minutes. This is how it works in real-time and is able to update price differences, inventory, customer cards and their balances.

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FieldCo. is integrated with;