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Electronics and FSM

Companies that are active in the electronics industry need to be able to track equipments and devices which they provide service for. They frequently work in the field which means providing service outside the office. Simple pen and paper service forms don’t provide the necessary service history data that is required to improve customer satisfaction and reduce repetition of service; two of which go hand in hand. Once they are able to obtain solid service data via FieldCo., their field personnel can go along with knowledge on the previous works done and the

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equipment necessary for a complete and successful service visit to the customer.


FieldCo. allows your field personnel the necessary data to provide an excellent service. An assigned work order includes customer information, details on their electronic equipment (model name, serial number etc.) and service history. These are all crucial in order to avoid unnecessary phone calls, service repetitions, and definitive actions during the work order.


FieldCo. also offers a very effective management function on your scheduled maintenance agreements. Once set, FieldCo. reminds its user of upcoming maintenance plans and lets its user know whether to activate a dormant maintenance record that is coming up.

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Ideal for electronics industry

Electronics companies provide after sales services such as periodical maintenance and repairs. Lets assume receiving a call from your end-user for instance. We need to create a new work order and assign it to its designated field personnel.


– The customer card is opened and the stated malfunctioning product is selected. In this case, an HD recording device requires your services.


– In case you don’t know which exact item is faulty, you can select a product and the once the field personnel arrives to the customer location, they can select the correct item with the right serial number.

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– Once the work order is assigned, the field personnel receives a notification on their mobile device. When the field personnel begins the route, the management can track their status in real time via FieldCo. web platform.


– The arriving personnel hits ‘Start work’ button and optionally, the barcode on the device is scanned by mandatory in order to start the process.


– When the field personnel notices that a replacement of the recording device is required, the work order status is changed into ‘Waiting for parts’.


– When the new recording device is acquired from the office (or the service vehicle), the work order is resumed and installation is begun. In case the electronics company wants to charge its customer for the secondary transportation rate, the field personnel only needs to tap ‘Start route’, once again when leaving for repairs.


– Since the changed recording device is an invoiced item, only the installation fee and optionally the transportation fee are added to the work order. When closing the work order, the technician needs to take the customers signature on the screen.


– The service report that was being prepared in the backgroud is sent via e-mail to the electronics company and a cc is sent optionally to its customer. All of these logs and records are uploaded onto the cloud for later use.

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Inventory mgmt. and FieldCo.

For companies that focus on electronic component repairs, tracking of the field personnel inventory is vital. In case of poor inventory tracking, we have observed various parts lost and unaccounted for, or not billed due to the displacement of the specified inventory. This causes a huge financial loss.

In FieldCo., every field personnel have a personal inventory that is mobile. Each time a part is used during work, these items are substracted from the personal inventory of the field personnel. Doing so lets you track your inventory in real time. These items can be tools, tool boxes, spare parts and anything you may use during your service visits.

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Is mobility important?

If you believe that a desktop software is sufficient in order to manage your field operations, think again because as your technical personnel operate outside the office, communication of work order details is vital. A desktop software will not allow you to work freely where you will need to rely on pen and paper and memory.

We have observed that very frequenty the notes taken on service reports are faulty since they aren’t filled on the spot most of the time. Just like trying to remember what you had for breakfast, imagine having a similar situation on whether or not your field personnel replaced a card or repaired it two-three hours after the work order is completed or at what time they have started to work and at what time they have finished.

These may seem like small details but when you put them together during a fiscal month or a year, they can seriously mean thousands of dollars for your business.

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Why do we need a FSM software?

Since the competiton in the electronics component after-sales industry is growing and the demand is rising, the number of field personnel for these companies are increasing day by day. This brings up the question ‘how will I be able to manage more personnel in the field effectively?’. Imagine having your whole field force using our mobile application and without making a single phone call, you can distribute, assign and manage all your work orders from your mobile device.

FieldCo. not only helps you avoid complications that come with managing field personnel but also gives you peace of mind. You are in control of where your personnel are, which routes they have followed, at what point of the work order they are, which parts they have used and whether or not they were on time for the scheduled jobs.

We have cut down considerable time loss during our operational processes and saved on 750.000 A4 papers annually. We no longer have the need for physical storage for hard copies postage. Also, our field personnel can communicate


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with each other much more efficiently. Our favorite part is to be able to track our field personnel in real-time.


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Thanks to FieldCo., we are now able to forward and assign the received work orders swiftly and effectively to our large service network. Also, it is very simple to track and manage these work orders using the software.


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Our field personnel can now reach customer contacts without having to make unnecessary calls right from their mobile devices. Our operational workload has decreased significantly. Our investment in FieldCo. has paid itself off in a short time, it was a good decision for us.


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Mustafa ULKER

Sunny (OEM Electronics)

We have completed our 10th year using FieldCo. During this period, FieldCo. product and its support personnel helped us grow as a business and get better at our services. FieldCo. team is also very capable at ERP integrations.


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They have provided us an invaluable service at integrating our field service operations and accounting processes.


We have increased our customer satisfaction ratings significantly due to improvement of our field operations. One of the key factors for us for working with FieldCo. team is their agility at responding to technical support requests. They are extremely resourceful. Thank you FieldCo!


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