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Facility Mgmt. and FieldCo.

Facility management has various software needs. For example, the software used by the hotels is integrated with reservation management, stock tracking and electronic lock mechanisms in doors. Another example is the automation systems in factories. These systems are controlled by software. However, the management in the technical service size is quite insufficient.


In addition to these solutions, FieldCo. successfully manages the technical team in the facility and the physical areas within the facility. You can define each area as a location. You can effectively manage the

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processes such as maintenance or repair of all kinds of products such as carpets, furniture or electronic devices in these locations.

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What do you gain?

Lets assume that we are in charge of managing a hotel and we have finite areas such as lobby, gym, indoor and outdoor pools etc. We will be saving all these locations in FieldCo. as a location which will then have their own inventory. This way, we will be able to keep track of all the areas of the hotel including everything that needs maintenance or may need repairs.


In addition, you will know all the current statuses of your personnel in real time. This makes planning weekly schedules so easy since you are in control of 

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the availability of your personnel. Also, in case you need to do a sudden work order assignment, you will know where your personnel is and their current workload.

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Importance of FSM software;

It is very difficult to carry out the technical service in a company consisting of several buildings or facilities. High effort is required to ensure that service personnel work effectively. Despite all these effort, it is not possible to report the process properly. Reporting and monitoring of outsourced services is problematic. Detection of products that are constantly failing is also difficult because there is no reporting. As these products are not detected, the operational losses of the enterprise are higher than they should be. Sometimes the full or partial replacement of the product may be cheaper than a 1-year service charge. FieldCo. with its reporting services allows you to make these detections easily.


Yes or no to mobility in software?

“I also can keep a record with a desktop program. Why should I use a mobile program?” You might say. If you have a desktop program, you can save some data by registering a manually filled service form after the work is done. However, you cannot access realtime data. When you press the “Start Route” button in the mobile application, a date time information is kept. In the same way, a record is kept when you reach to the product, read the barcode, or press the “Start Job” button. For each change of status, such as “Waiting”, “Waiting for Track”, “Cancellation” or the like, the system keeps a record so you can track the duration of a job to work, the actual working time, the waiting time at the job. You can see the performance of the staff.

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In addition, you can see the realtime service status, the position of the field personnel’s GPS positions and facilities can see the work on the map allows you to make business planning faster and more effective.

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Why do we need them?

Facility management and service are of great importance for the guests to be comfortable. If you’re at home when a device breaks down it may not be very important. It will be important if you’re on a limited holiday. It is expected that the service provided for the money given will not fail at all. Therefore, it is more and more important to provide communication and business management with online mobile devices in the field. The effective use of service personnel, the proximity of the nearby staff to the nearest facility will generally be a smile on the face of your customers. In most facilities that work with a 7×24 basis, if communication is not healthy, things get out. Even though there is a technician in that facility, a longer distance is diverted and repair times are prolonged.


We have cut down considerable time loss during our operational processes and saved on 750.000 A4 papers annually. We no longer have the need for physical storage for hard copies postage. Also, our field personnel can communicate


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with each other much more efficiently. Our favorite part is to be able to track our field personnel in real-time.


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Thanks to FieldCo., we are now able to forward and assign the received work orders swiftly and effectively to our large service network. Also, it is very simple to track and manage these work orders using the software.


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Our field personnel can now reach customer contacts without having to make unnecessary calls right from their mobile devices. Our operational workload has decreased significantly. Our investment in FieldCo. has paid itself off in a short time, it was a good decision for us.


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Mustafa ULKER

Sunny (OEM Electronics)

We have completed our 10th year using FieldCo. During this period, FieldCo. product and its support personnel helped us grow as a business and get better at our services. FieldCo. team is also very capable at ERP integrations.


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They have provided us an invaluable service at integrating our field service operations and accounting processes.


We have increased our customer satisfaction ratings significantly due to improvement of our field operations. One of the key factors for us for working with FieldCo. team is their agility at responding to technical support requests. They are extremely resourceful. Thank you FieldCo!


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Yesiller (TV – Sat)

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FieldCo. focuses on companies with technical field service operations that require personnel, work order and scheduling management via a proper software that does just that.

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