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FieldCo. and HVAC companies

HVAC company personnel have to be present where the equipment are and therefore have to be mobile. Without a proper software, the challenges stated below are unavoidable;


– Lost service reports in the field

– Personnel GPS management

– Lost inventory and equipment

– Solid personnel KPI reports

– Service history logs of HVAC units


FieldCo. takes barcodes and serial numbers as the basis of its operation. This way, you can easily track service history data in order to take corrective action (repairs) accordingly. By doing so, we aim to shorten service times and provide a more reliable service that reduces repetition. All this equals to customer satisfation.

How does an HVAC company use FieldCo.?

– The call center or personnel(s) who is (are) in charge of receiving customer calls first register the customer information by creating a customer card. This card allows us to register the products with related serial numbers under the customers name. These records include unit type, model, serial number, warranty period and such. In case where we don’t know the serial number, the field personnel can read the barcode via FieldCo. and match that data with the unit in the system.


– Once the work order is assigned, the field personnel receives a notification and once they are ready, ‘Start Travel’ button can be tapped in order to let FieldCo. know that they have left for the work. This all works in real time so that the management knows what their personnel are doing at that moment in time.


– Once arrived, and started the work, the field

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personnel can take a photo or a video that is then uploaded onto the cloud



and deleted from the mobile device. Then the works done can be explained in detail and parts and labor costs that apply to the work order can be logged in.


– Once the work is done, the customer signature is taken via FieldCo. and the record is closed. This allows us to forward the pdf. service report prepared in the background of the app to the customer and HVAC companies’ technical services manager.


  • Scheduling is an important part of field service management. Click here to know more!

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Importance of software and HVAC

In HVAC companies, tracking field inventory is important. Lack of control over inventory  will result in inventory and equipment loss which will, at the end of the day, result in operational and financial losses.

You can create a personal inventory for each personnel. For each piece of inventory, you can transfer via FieldCo. in order to have complete control. This way, you can track which personnel has what inventory in real-time. This is important in order to avoid equipment losses, off-the-books sales and related unwanted actions that also ensures trust within company employees.

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Why FieldCo.?

Since 2004, FieldCo. has been providing a quality field service management software to its customers. More than 15 years of experience and one focus allowed us to have the upper hand when it comes to effective FSM.

It doesn’t matter if you own a company of 3 or 3.000 personnel as long as you are in need of an effective FSM tool.

While FieldCo. Basic is focused on the SME’s, FieldCo. Pro and Custom versions focus more on large enterprises where sophisticated integrations, data analysis, reporting and customizations are in need.

We have cut down considerable time loss during our operational processes and saved on 750.000 A4 papers annually. We no longer have the need for physical storage for hard copies postage. Also, our field personnel can communicate


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with each other much more efficiently. Our favorite part is to be able to track our field personnel in real-time.


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Thanks to FieldCo., we are now able to forward and assign the received work orders swiftly and effectively to our large service network. Also, it is very simple to track and manage these work orders using the software.


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Our field personnel can now reach customer contacts without having to make unnecessary calls right from their mobile devices. Our operational workload has decreased significantly. Our investment in FieldCo. has paid itself off in a short time, it was a good decision for us.


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Mustafa ULKER

Sunny (OEM Electronics)

We have completed our 10th year using FieldCo. During this period, FieldCo. product and its support personnel helped us grow as a business and get better at our services. FieldCo. team is also very capable at ERP integrations.


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They have provided us an invaluable service at integrating our field service operations and accounting processes.


We have increased our customer satisfaction ratings significantly due to improvement of our field operations. One of the key factors for us for working with FieldCo. team is their agility at responding to technical support requests. They are extremely resourceful. Thank you FieldCo!


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Ali UN

Tıp-Tek (Dental)

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FieldCo. focuses on companies with technical field service operations that require personnel, work order and scheduling management via a proper software that does just that.

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