Have complete control over your machinery and workforce in the field

Machinery and FieldCo.

If you are in the CNC, robotics, automation or heavy machinery industries, FieldCo. will do wonders for your company. FieldCo. allows you to set, organize and execute periodical maintenance schedules, create customer inventory based on a main unit and sub-units, meaning its components along with serial number and service history recording capabilities.


Also, you can provide to your field personnel, via FieldCo. mobile library, exploded views of the machinery they are working on in order to provide valuable parts and components data which will make life easier.

Track Inventory

A vital fact about the machinery industry is that you need to be able to track inventory, have complete control over service history data and have the right equipment/knowledge before you reach to your client. All this data will prove useful in order to ameliorate your provided service. If for example you are a CNC equipment company, you can keep track of your CNC component stocks. When a part is used during actual service, FieldCo. substracts that amount from your ERP software recorded stock data. This is done by integration. Each time you do service work, a service history is recorded in the cloud thus providing you a chance to be able to provide superior service to

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your customers knowing what has been done in the past for that specific machine, even if it changes owner!

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Software in Machinery

Companies that provide after sales services for machinery constantly work out in the field, where the equipment are. Therefore, tracking field personnel is very important. In the event where field personnel are not managed properly by a field service management software, unintentional consequences may arise as a result poor management. At FieldCo., we have observed that traditional ways, such as communicating via Whatsapp or trying to track service records on Excel result in quantifiable financial losses in your field operations.

When you create and assign a work order via FieldCo., your field personnel receives a notification on their mobile devices with every detail of a work order. As an addition, if authorized, the field personnel is able to create new customer cards and add customer inventory and therefore create a work 

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order themselves. This can be useful for companies that have direct communication between their field force and their customers.

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Importance of software

Compared to FieldCo, most field service management tools in the market are unable to work efficiently via a mobile application, and most don’t even have a mobile application! A desktop software doesn’t work as it should since field operations take place, in the field. There are many features such as GPS tracking, signature from the screen, offline operation for locations without the internet. In addition, it has a very user friendly interface that was designed and developed by us in collaboration with UI experts. This enables users to find everything they are looking for in the software with ease and on the first time!

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Why FieldCo?

If you wish to monitor the locations of your inventory and the service history based on serial numbers, you are in need for a field service management software. If you want to know the details such as the elapsed times, actual working hours, pause durations, real-time personnel GPS locations, actual routes of your field personnel, you need an application that works in real time like FieldCo. Not only it helps app users communicate vital operational information effectively, also it actually makes is possible to avoid mistakes and complications that end up as financial losses. These financial losses originate from excessive fuel consumption due to unnecessary routes, cost of paper service reports which are printed frequently that are also bad for the environment, handwritings on these forms that can be unreadeable or the ones that are lost in the field and many more that end up being losses which are easily avoided with FieldCo.

We have cut down considerable time loss during our operational processes and saved on 750.000 A4 papers annually. We no longer have the need for physical storage for hard copies postage. Also, our field personnel can communicate


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with each other much more efficiently. Our favorite part is to be able to track our field personnel in real-time.


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We are currently managing 80 branches, 40 customer locations and 3.000 arcade gaming machines with FieldCo. We have 85 field personnel who use the application. We have the ERP integration which allows us to manage current inventory and automatically create invoices as a result of completing work orders in the field.


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We no longer have to call our customers by phone since we receive work order requests from our customers via FieldCo. Once we receive these requests, we forward them to our field personnel which really streamlines the whole after-sales process. The fact that it is very easy to use by our management team and field personnel is a big plus. We are definitely content right from the start. Any company that provides service in the field should definitely use FieldCo.


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Playland Arcade Gaming

FieldCo. never stopped to impove since we first started using it. Swift updates and revisions are always a plus. We want to thank the support team for being attentive to our requests.


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FieldCo. focuses on companies with technical field service operations that require personnel, work order and scheduling management via a proper software that does just that.

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