FieldCo. has proven itself effective in the medical devices industry

Operational challenges

Medical equipment companies usually track their inventory in the field along with the replacement equipment to be used during repairs and the various owners of these equipments. This model of operation make it vital for medical equipment companies to use a field service management software.


Without a proper field service management software, it makes data analysis and work order organization extra difficult, resulting in operational losses and poor customer satisfaction ratings. FieldCo. has proven itself for being an effective field service management tool for medical equipment companies.

Medical equipment and FSM

Installation, periodical maintenance and repair services for hospital/clinic equipment holds vital importance. Lets take a hospital as your client and an MRI machine as their equipment;


– The technical services manager at the hospital is using FieldCo. mobile to report the error message given by the MRI machine by simply selecting the right machine and creating a work order via the mobile application to be forwarded to the medical equipment company representative.


– Once you receive the work order with all details such

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as type of equipment, manufacturer, model, nature of malfunction and the visual of the error message, the work order is then forwarded to the field personnel.


– Once the field personnel is by the machine, the ‘Start work’ button is tapped and the work has begun. Photos taken are attached to the service report and videos are uploaded to the cloud for later viewing.


– The field personnel has detected the fault and a part replacement is necessary. The work order status is changed to ‘Waiting for parts’ via the application.


– Once the part is obtained, the field personnel can start work directly or can leave for work in order to charge a second transportation fee to the client.


– After installing the new part and making sure that it operates as it should, the field personnel closes the work order by having the hospital representative sign on the app screen which will then be transferred onto the service report.


– On addition to the whole process, FieldCo. Pro users can take advantage of the checklist function which allows you to provide custom checklists for different sorts of work. For example, a checklist used for an installation can be different from a checklist for repair work. These checklists are then attached to the pdf service reports along with the pictures taken during work.


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After Sales Services and Software in Medical Industry

Health sector is not accepting mistakes due to its sensitive nature. The companies in the health sector those provides after-sales services need for software.FieldCo will protect your customers and your company, such as the accuracy of the parts used in maintenance and repairs, the organization of the service appointment dates, the signatures received at the end of the work. FieldCo. works autonomously in the background. This way, all your work order types such as maintenance, repair, discovery will be assigned to the device that you provide service via serial number. As an example, you can easily access the information on what date your care contracted devices are made. While minimizing the risk of error, you can also provide a more reliable service.

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Why is FieldCo. different?

FieldCo. has been producing technical service software since 2004. Mobim Software and Consultancy has developed a technical service management application in 2018 with a new understanding. We offer truly constructive solutions.

Whether you are a 3-user or a 3,000-user technical service company or service network, you can become a worldwide service provider. FieldCo. offers the right solution for your needs. FieldCo. Basic edition serves a single point of service, FieldCo. Pro and FieldCo. Custom editions provide solutions for more things such as ERP software entegrations or companies those have sub-services. With FieldCo. you can have all the solutions for your needs.

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How do your customers report a malfunction?

FieldCo. is a useful application especially in the medical sector. Allows your customers, such as hospitals, to create fault records and monitor the status of the created fault record. With this feature, you can define a user account to your corporate customers, log in to FieldCo. via the web site or mobile application to see all its own locations and products. They can also see defective products if authorized. You can create fault record easily with selecting a product and one or more defined faults. Also you can take a photo of the malfunction of the product.

You may think that your customers do not prefer such a feature right now but when you offer this opportunity, many customers will use this feature.
Time planning is important for everyone. We eliminate the risk of errors by opening the service request via application and system instead of telephone calls.

The software and the employees are extremely professional. We have been using FieldCo. since 2015. They are very swift to process our technical requests, thank you.


BBraun Medical

Thanks to FieldCo., we are now able to forward and assign the received work orders swiftly and effectively to our large service network. Also, it is very simple to track and manage these work orders using the software.


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Our field personnel can now reach customer contacts without having to make unnecessary calls right from their mobile devices. Our operational workload has decreased significantly. Our investment in FieldCo. has paid itself off in a short time, it was a good decision for us.


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Mustafa ULKER

Sunny (OEM Electronics)

We have completed our 10th year using FieldCo. During this period, FieldCo. product and its support personnel helped us grow as a business and get better at our services. FieldCo. team is also very capable at ERP integrations.


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They have provided us an invaluable service at integrating our field service operations and accounting processes.


We have increased our customer satisfaction ratings significantly due to improvement of our field operations. One of the key factors for us for working with FieldCo. team is their agility at responding to technical support requests. They are extremely resourceful. Thank you FieldCo!


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Ali UN

TIP-TEK (Dental)

20+ industries, 20.000+ active users

FieldCo. focuses on companies with technical field service operations that require personnel, work order and scheduling management via a proper software that does just that.

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