We’ve helped industry specific companies provide excellent service to gas stations


Companies providing service to oil and gas stations usually provide this service with subcontractors and sub-services. Managing these sub-services is of great importance.


While service requests are handled by fuel distributors or stations, it is only the first step of the process to call the appropriate sub-service in the centers and to add them to the work plan.

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Subcontractors’ failure to comply with their business plans and the calls made by the distributor to the headquarters are slowing down the process and making them very frustrating for the company’s employees.


In addition, the sub-services of the entitlement calculations, in this case the distinction from the distributor, such as wages, parts costs, such as a lot of parameters to deal with the separate labor requires serious effort. FieldCo. automates all these processes from the moment the work order is created.

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Gas Stations After-Sales

The oil and gas station companies that use FieldCo. communicate between the sub-services through the application. With the mobile application, you don’t have to rely on unhealthy data taken based on the instant management of the sub-service, how they fit the appointments, the times spent on the road, the miles made, the actual working hours, the waiting times in the work, or the declaration based on the words.

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One of the most important results is that you will see that your customer satisfaction rates increase based on the figures.


When the sub-service enters the job order that is notified to the mobile device, it displays a number in the service history button. This number is the number of services provided for the serial device. On this screen, you can quickly watch the old service records and get an idea about how to solve the new problem. If the same problem occurred during the last 3 service visits, you can comment that the new and established solution method should be different from the previous ones.

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Why FieldCo.?

Since 2004, the company pioneering technical services software market in Turkey, Mobim Software and Consulting developed FieldCo. It offers software solutions to companies seeking central and field-oriented management and organization for after-sales processes.

You can follow the service history of your devices with serial number based service history. These histories begin to occur with every new job opened and include all the details you may need. For example, when reviewing a work order record, it includes data from the start date and time, the parts used, the costs of the workmanship, the photographs and videos taken on the device, and the GPS position of your field personnel. It is a safer operation than paper service forms prepared in the field. So you don’t lose data, you don’t need to search for files in physical archives between files.

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Does FieldCo. provides solution?

FieldCo. was created by the team that started developing field service management softwares since 2004. It has the capibility of satisfying companies of all scales. In its portfolio, it has companies with field personnel numbers ranging from 3 to 2400. It provides a parametric structure, which means that it can be adapted for many different industries effectively. We are proud of having gained experience in the field of field service management.

If you are a company that focuses on the after sales cycle of a product or a service, we would like to help you achieve effective personnel management, maintain customer satisfaction, give you the ability to report without having to struggle with excel files, and many more aspects that help your business grow and become even more successful.

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Why do you need a software?

In addition to a lot of ease, the intensive use of sub-service in the fuel and gas sector, the difference in service and spare parts prices to distributors and sub-services make it difficult to track the work manually. In addition, information flow is of great importance in the sector, which works actively for 7 days and 24 hours.

FieldCo.’s structure integrated with ERP and pre-accounting software ensures the flow and delivery of incoming orders to be healthier, minimizing the risk of errors. This way you don’t need to log in separately from different platforms.

We have been using FieldCo. since 2012. It is a great tool to minimize human error and due to its dynamic structure, is able to respond to our needs without any roadblocks. Our field operations are better than ever.


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FieldCo. is always taking customer feedback seriously and as customers, we enjoy the advantages of using an up-to-date software.


Also, thanks to FieldCo, we are able to track field personnels’ KPI data which is really important to us.

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Gas Group

FieldCo. is very practical. We can prepare our service reports %100 right from the mobile application. We no longer have to worry about lost forms or mistakes caused by handwriting.


Tekser (BP, Shell)

FieldCo. is extremely responsive to our technical requests, thank you!

Mehmet EROL

Yenen Engineering

20+ industries, 20.000+ active users

FieldCo. focuses on companies with technical field service operations that require personnel, work order and scheduling management via a proper software that does just that.

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