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Tailored for security

There is a huge demand for software among security companies. It is a challenge to be able to track all the equipment sold, warranty periods and their after sales processes since a security system consists of many different components with unique serial numbers.


In a security company, it is essential to be able to manage maintenance agreements since once a security system is sold, it requires a proper maintenance schedule.


You can manage these maintenance agreements from FieldCo. All you have to do is to make sure, once you are done with the installation, plug in the maintenance period and frequency into FieldCo. Plus, you will be able to manage unscheduled repairs and other types

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of work orders.


When you have a scheduled work order coming up, FieldCo. reminds you based on your specifications on how many days before you would like to be reminded of that specific work.

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A short example

– You have a maintenance contract with a business center. In the building, there are 70 cameras, 2 HD recording devices, 4 screen monitors and network components. According to your contract, you provide standard manufacturer warranty and monthly maintenance service. However the facility manager at the business center reaches out to you to report a malfunction.


– Service requests can be made either by phone, e-mail, etc. or you can provide a FieldCo. user, customer type, so they can see only their own inventory and create&forward work orders via FieldCo.

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– The service request suggests that 3 out of 70 cameras are having trouble transmitting a clear picture, reasons unknown. Since all these items are registered in FieldCo. with their corresponding serial numbers, providing your customer with a ‘customer type’ user will allow them to create&forward the work order with the correct products. If they are calling you to say just 3 cameras aren’t functioning properly, you can create a work order with any 3 serial numbers and change to the right products once you get there.


– When you have arrived at the business center, (customer location) ‘Start work’ button is tapped and the work begins. It turns out all three cameras have a common problem caused by a corrosion of the wires that did damage to the cameras and corrosion was due to the poor wiring. Which makes the service fee covered under warranty.


– All three cameras are replaced with new ones which means they are substracted from your inventory. FieldCo. also works with most ERP softwares which allows you to work in sync with your up-to-date inventory and turns the completed work into an invoice with a streamlined integration.


– In addition to the used parts, labor cost and any other spenditures related to the work is added on ‘Cost items’ screen. They will be included in the invoice along with the cameras.


– Once the work is done and that the customer has seen the service report on the application screen, signatures are taken and the work order is now finalized. A copy of the service report is sent to you and your customer for records.


In order to look into what FieldCo. can do for you, please click on features.

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Security and FieldCo.

We at FieldCo. have observed many different industries including security systems and we found out that security system providers are unable to efficiently track their customer inventory and warranty periods. Since cameras, network cables and HD devices are high maintenance products that are relatively sensitive equipment against the outdoors, they require periodical maintenance and care. Without a proper field service management software, it is difficult to make sure that you are reaching your potential feasibility considering what you are charging your customers versus what you are providing in service. FieldCo. offers a very valuable data to ensure that you are reaching your financial goals while running a smooth service operation with minimal human error and reliable KPI data, ensuring your field force is achieving exceptional performance.

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We help you avoid operational losses

Switching to FieldCo. means a complete transition towards digitalization of your operational processes and the reason we work so hard to effectively streamline these processes is to help you save on time, money and precious effort which could be spent on the growth of your business.

The indicators of loss on time and money are fairly noticable. For example, if you are not effectively plan your personnel routes, you are losing money from gas and time wasted. Another classic example/fact is money and time spent on paper forms that your field personnel takes with them everyday. These forms are your only source of data for personnel performance, how much money you are making and other data related to the nature of your business. Paper forms are no way an effective method to organize your business. Imagine with a single click, you are able to extract a years worth of data when at the same time would take you a week and manpower to be

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able to reach the same data the old fashioned way. That is why we urge you to try FieldCo. in order to understand and experience its tru benefits.

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We have cut down considerable time loss during our operational processes and saved on 750.000 A4 papers annually. We no longer have the need for physical storage for hard copies postage. Also, our field personnel can communicate


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with each other much more efficiently. Our favorite part is to be able to track our field personnel in real-time.


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Thanks to FieldCo., we are now able to forward and assign the received work orders swiftly and effectively to our large service network. Also, it is very simple to track and manage these work orders using the software.


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Our field personnel can now reach customer contacts without having to make unnecessary calls right from their mobile devices. Our operational workload has decreased significantly. Our investment in FieldCo. has paid itself off in a short time, it was a good decision for us.


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Mustafa ULKER

Sunny (OEM Electronics)

We have completed our 10th year using FieldCo. During this period, FieldCo. product and its support personnel helped us grow as a business and get better at our services. FieldCo. team is also very capable at ERP integrations.


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They have provided us an invaluable service at integrating our field service operations and accounting processes.


We have increased our customer satisfaction ratings significantly due to improvement of our field operations. One of the key factors for us for working with FieldCo. team is their agility at responding to technical support requests. They are extremely resourceful. Thank you FieldCo!


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Ali UN

Tıp-Tek (Dental)

20+ industries, 20.000+ active users

FieldCo. focuses on companies with technical field service operations that require personnel, work order and scheduling management via a proper software that does just that.

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