What is a Work Order? How to Create a Work Order Form?

What is a Work Order? How to Create a Work Order Form?

A work order is widely used in many businesses, either by production or after sales. A technical service program should be used in order to perform Work Order management properly. Businesses that are mainly engaged in production, construction, manufacturing and project-based transactions prefer to follow their work with the work order method. Work orders can be given for post-sales assembly, maintenance or breakdown, repair operations, as well as being used by customers to follow up their orders to the company. These work order forms are also used in order to measure the performance of the business in the post-sales process, to clarify the job descriptions, and to plan the work program in the most efficient way.

What is Work Order Creation?

The work order also includes a set of instructions given to the personnel involved in the after-sales processes so that the process can be managed much more successfully. Since these instructions will be presented to individuals in writing, a document must be issued in the name of the work order form. In the edited document,

The title, name, location information, if any, of the customer to be served, contact information, Work order specific Work order No.
Product, device, brand, model, serial information, if any, of the customer to be served
There are the date of receipt of the work order, departure, start of work and completion of the work.
There are spare parts, labor, travel and other cost items used in the service process.
The name, surname and signature information of the service personnel and the contact information of the service are included.

In companies that fill out the form manually, the work order form is prepared in excel format by the necessary authorized person. Companies using FieldCo, the online technical service program, open work orders with a few clicks from the web interface or mobile application.

Creating work orders is very easy with Fieldco technical service software!

Work Order Form Examples

The work order form sample is fully designable in our Online technical service software. It is necessary to have certain information in these forms in order for the operation to take place successfully. The first information that should be included in a work order form is the work order number.

In the next column, there is the device and product information, the type of service, the work to be done. These explanations briefly and clearly describe the problem. It is also important that the explanations be clear and short so that the relevant personnel can clearly understand the work order and fulfill it completely.

One of the mandatory data included in the work order examples is the names of the service personnel. The name of the personnel opposite the job description is effective in making it clear to everyone who sees the form to whom the work order is given. With this definition, the personnel can clearly see which job definition they are responsible for. Making the definition in a clear way can also prevent mistakes that may occur in the workflow.

The data in the work order forms include the registration date, work start date, and work completion date. Which personnel, which job is defined, the start and end dates of the said job are automatically taken according to the actions in the software.

Especially the date information is of great importance for the example of the work order form. For the work done in the workshop or in the field, the time spent on the road, the actual working time, and the waiting times are calculated separately. With this data, personnel performance calculations are made.

Another important part that should be included in the Work Order forms is the signature field. Instead of a handwritten signature, the PDF service form produced in the online service program is the signature of the service employee in his profile and the signature of the customer representative during the closing of the work order.

What Does a Work Order Mean?

The work order form is an extremely important element in terms of continuity and traceability. Especially in terms of providing project management, all the elements in the process are stated in detail and task definitions are made through these forms, which facilitates the transactions.

The forms subject to the article are generally prepared by the business authorities or by the project managers who have the authority to carry out project-based projects. These forms, which are extremely convenient in terms of providing process management, are also useful for calculating the average duration of the works.

In addition to these benefits, it allows the business to save paper consumption on the basis of documents. Since paper forms, which are printed in at least 3 copies, are never used, they serve the goal of a sustainable world.

What is a Field Work Order?iş emri yönetimi

Field work order means a work tracking system that allows organization and management from a single center in businesses where after-sales and field works are carried out. Today, especially institutions with a large number of personnel must produce modern and creative solutions in order to successfully manage their processes.

In field studies, it may not be possible for the personnel to be spatially close to each other at all times. In such cases, it becomes possible to provide instant communication quickly and with special software. Making the work plan and saving time is possible by providing field work orders and data transfer between the personnel through the technological infrastructure.

These systems, which provide instant workflow, have a direct impact on business efficiency. In field work orders, transactions are carried out within a certain period. Special software developed by experts forms the basis of field work order applications. In these applications, the process works as follows:

First of all, work orders are defined by their supervisors to the personnel in the field.
Employees view work orders assigned through the mobile application via smart mobile devices.
Depending on the nature of the job, customer and location information is transferred to field work orders, and navigation to the customer is started with a single click.
The personnel, who are the party of the Work Order, can provide instant information sharing to their supervisors regarding the progress of the work and the process thanks to these applications. In case of a negative situation regarding the process, it is possible to take urgent measures through mutual exchange of information.

Field work order applications, in addition to the many benefits stated, also help in obtaining statistical data. Depending on the process results from the applications, the performance of the personnel can be measured.

In addition, it can be determined to what extent the job descriptions carried out within the enterprise have been successful, which aspects are high and which aspects are low. In this way, it may become possible for businesses to carry out in-house improvement studies depending on the results.