If you are serving electronic, low-tension current, security camera systems, the solution for all your needs is at FieldCo, the mobile technical service program.

Wouldn't you like to see all service steps live in the field or workshop and notify your customer via online mail or sms?

For the electronics industry

Online technical service program

FieldCo Electronics Technical Service Program

Meet the technical service software specially adapted for low-tension current, electronic and electrical works.

An online technical service program for the electronics and low current sector, which is fully integrated with 17 ERPs, specially developed for all the needs of service companies that serve customers in the field or provide service in the workshop.

Technical service program for electronics

It is important to follow the stocks on the field personnel in electronic service companies. In cases where this follow-up is not performed, results such as loss of spare parts or forgetting to invoice the customer for the spare part used occur. Therefore, there is a great loss. A pocket warehouse is created for each field personnel, and products are given to these personnel by warehouse transfer method. With the marking of the personnel on the tablet, every product used is deducted from this pocket warehouse. In this way, the mobile warehouse stock of the field personnel can be monitored instantly. Valuable materials such as tool kit elements and tools, for which the technical service personnel are responsible, are also tracked in this way.

Does the program need to be mobile?

You can say that 'We already keep my data with a desktop program. Should we use a mobile program?'. If you have a desktop program, you can save some data by saving the manually filled service form after the work is completed, but you can not access the instant data. When you press the "departure" button in the FieldCo Mobile service application, the date/time information is saved. In the same way, when you go to the product and have a barcode read or press the work start button, another record is taken. Your mobile service program keeps a record of each status change such as holding, waiting for parts, canceling or similar. In this way, you can monitor the transfer time to a work, the actual working times, the holding times of the job. The most reliable basis for your personnel performance reports is this data. In addition, being able to see the instant service statuses and the GPS positions of the field personnel on the map allows you to make work planning faster and more effectively.

Is it used for security camera systems or for low-tension current systems?

With the increase in competition in the electronics sector, the need to provide service to the customer is becoming more common day by day. While doing this, if you do not manage this operation in the field with a mobile service application, you may have to do less work with more personnel. Since you can't see the GPS locations of your employees, you will lose both time and fuel by routing from a far area even though there is an employee much closer for a new job. If you do not have a mobile service software that sends SMS and e-mail automatically for customer notifications, you will not be able to provide the customer with the level of service you want, although you will have to employ extra personnel for each notification. FieldCo. Manage your field personnel with service software, relax!

Mobile technical service program suitable for the electronics industry

If you are doing low-tension current, camera, fire, security systems business, make your job easier with FieldCo technical service program integrated with all known ERPs in Turkey.

Can you track the spare parts on the employees?

With its own stock module or ERP integration, it is possible to monitor the inventory of the mobile warehouse. No more lost parts, unbilled spare parts.

Where are the employees?

FieldCo technical service program periodically records the location information of the employees in the field with its GPS feature. It makes your job easier to assign work by seeing open works and personnel distribution on the map at the same time.

We use it as a Mar-Tek company. We currently have 15 active users. First of all, I would like to point out that. We regretted that we had not spoken before. In the technical service program, I can say that it is the most efficient and easy-to-use program that you can use in Turkey and even in the world. We are serving to 3 big cold food companies of Turkey. Thanks to Fieldco, our work is progressing at full speed without any problems. At the same time, if you are shipping products with serial number tracking, you can use it in it. I would definitely like to congratulate the entire Fieldco team for the price performance product. I wish you continued success.

Serkan Acar Martek CEO

It is a company that should definitely be preferred due to its unlimited support and assistance.

Hatice Çelik Boğaziçi ithalat SMEG

We have used almost all of the similar applications on the market as demos. We were satisfied with the content, support and ease of use, and we preferred FieldCo. They quickly adapted to our company and our operation. I recommend it for the support they offer and their open structure to development.

Ahmet Yeşil Yeşiller iletişim