Security industry technical service program

Special solution for security, camera service companies in the field

There is an intense demand for software in the security industry. The reason for this has been the rapid development of the security industry.

What does FieldCo do?

It helps you manage all your work in the field.

Security camera systems technical service program

As Mobim Software, which has been developing a technical service program since 2004, we work with many companies on security and camera systems. FieldCo will be your great helper in terms of device-based or system-based work tracking and field service operation management.

By completing the checklist questions that you have prepared for yourself during installations or maintenance, you will be able to inform the customer of the problems in advance. You will also prevent service repetitions due to the technical service personnel missing something.

Arda Gürsoy BBraun Medikal

The program and the staff are very professional. We have been using it in our company since 2015. They fulfilled all our demands meticulously, thank you.

Mustafa ÜLKER Atmaca Elektronik Sunny

We are able to deliver the work orders received by us to our service network in a fast and effective manner in the electronic environment. We can monitor and intervene these organized works instantly on the system.

Hatice ÇELİK Boğaziçi İthalat SMEG

It is a company that should definitely be preferred due to its unlimited support and assistance.