Heatıng-Coolıng technıcal servıce software

Air conditioner technical service program

With its special structure for the heating-cooling sector, the services provided in the field or in the workshop are monitored.

Challenges in the air conditioning industry

Field teams of companies operating in the air-conditioning sectors go to the physical side of the device and provide service. Therefore, they work mobile. The difficulties listed below are inevitable without a software support in the background; - Lost service forms in the field - Follow-up of personnel locations and business plans - Lost stocks/materials - Personal staff performances - Product service histories FieldCo works with barcode and serial number logic. The tracking of the devices you serve and the interventions made in the past can be easily viewed. This increases the rates of correct intervention to the product and producing solutions at once. The head office or field personnel who answer the phones first receives the customer's information and opens the record in the system. Adds the customer's device details below this record. A record is created with product type, brand, model and serial number information (if there is a serial number). If there is no serial number, the product opened without this information is matched with the technician reading the barcode at the beginning of the product.

Web-based technical service program

Field personnel, who receive the work order notification, set off. In this way, the personnel status, location and activities are tracked in real time from the center. - Employees who start work take a photo and video of the device (air conditioner, VRF) they go to, upload them to the cloud and match the work order. Then he writes down the works he has done and starts to add the cost items, if any. These items are divided into three as labor, parts and consumables. - When the service form is successfully completed, the signatures are taken on the screen and a copy of the service form is sent to the customer and a copy to the company official in pdf, together with your company logo and form barcode. transmitted as With appointment scheduling, it ensures that your work is planned and you can use your workforce effectively. You can find more detailed information in the appointment title. It is important to follow the stocks on the field personnel in air conditioning services. There are situations such as loss of spare parts due to lack of track or forgetting to invoice the customer for the spare part used. Therefore, there is a serious operational loss.

Mobile technical service program

A pocket warehouse is created for each field personnel, and the products are delivered by warehouse transfer method. With the marking of the personnel on the mobile device, each product used is deducted from this mobile warehouse. In this way, the mobile warehouse stock of the personnel can be monitored instantly. Valuable materials such as tool kit elements and tools, for which the technical service personnel are responsible, are also tracked in this way.

Technıcal servıce program for combı boılers

We are experts in the heating-cooling service program

FieldCo technical service program includes many industry-specific features such as outdoor unit, indoor unit connection, capacity, gas addition screen.

With the mobile application, you can track your work in the field online.

We saved time in our operational processes and saved an average of 750,000 A4 papers annually. We got rid of storage and cargo costs. Technicians' access to information in the field has become easier. We can see the workflow instantly through the FieldCo technical service program.


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