What Does a Technical Service Person ?

What Does a Technical Service Person ?

What does a Technical Service Person ?

We wanted to prepare such a content for you to answer the question of what the technical service staff does. If the technical service staff does not use a technical service software, he has to deal with many things other than his main job and make many phone calls.

Technical Service Staff Duties

Before going to the customer

A phone call about the work assigned to him comes from the center. If he was using a technical service program, without making a phone call, a notification would be sent to his phone as a push notification, information such as service details and address would be sent separately from WhatsApp, in that confusion, the correct address would be tried to be found, copy and navigation would be attempted. Navigation is started with a single click to this address information. Also, if the business order was closed before, since the GPS coordinate is automatically saved by the program, it is guaranteed to go to the correct location compared to the address information.


Informing the Customer

Since the customer is not informed, the customer must be sought, especially if the individual customer is served. With the information feature of the technical service software, the customer is informed by e-mail and / or SMS in the format you specify, at the step you want, at the opening of the work order, when an appointment is planned.

Service history given to the customer

The service personnel should call the center to see if this customer’s device has been serviced before. The center tries to find these past records on the phone. it will serve to make the satisfaction negative. In the technical service software mobile application, the number of times that the relevant device has been serviced is highlighted as a number. When the service history menu is entered, the entire history of this device is displayed. Thus, the employee understands that a different intervention is required than the first thing that comes to mind and takes materials with him accordingly.

When It Arrives To The Customer

The service technician can confirm that it has happened to the device by reading the barcode or typing it manually in the technical service program. It is important to be at the right device in order to detect multiple devices and in-warranty out-of-warranty situations. Since the employee who does not have a technical service program does not perform this control visually, it is quite possible for the customer to manipulate the issue.

Thanks to GPS tracking, it is possible to record all the places where the employee went during the day and to show the places where the job was closed by marking on the map. The employer who does not use the technical service program does not know where the employee is at what time. At best, it follows the vehicle with vehicle tracking, but this does not give an idea about the places where the business is closed.

Technical Service Person Follow-up

With the FieldCo technical service program’s man tracking feature, the last positions of the employees and customers with open work orders are displayed on the same map. When clicking on the elements, the workload on them is also visible. The employer, who does not have such an opportunity, will have to call all the employees for their whereabouts and workload in order to be able to appoint for an urgent job. It can be done quickly and easily with technical service software for work order tracking for all large jobs, including teams of 3-5 people.

Technical service personnel stock tracking

The service representative cannot follow up the spare parts and tools given to the technical service personnel. Let’s say we gave 10 filters to the technical service person. It is not known how many he spent on which job, how many he has at the moment. Although the service technician spends these parts that are not embezzled on him, it can be forgotten to write them on the technical service form. This causes the service to lose revenue because these parts cannot be invoiced. Thanks to a technical service program that can track the pocket warehouse stock, the stock in hand at the unit time can be seen from the technical service software, thanks to the parts that are sent to the staff and the stock that is automatically reduced. We can also do this with 17 ERP systems that we work with integrated. There are also many cases where the service forms filled by hand do not reach the center and accounting, which causes loss of revenue for the service. In this way, revenue losses are prevented by the order registration that we send to the ERP software we integrate, following the central approval.

Happy service person

fieldco teknik servis programı

If a technical service employee makes a phone call to learn about the job, calling the customer before going, talking to the center about the product history, calling the center at the end of the job to give information, 5-6 phone calls for 1 work order, if he goes to 10 jobs on average, 50- If you calculate the average from 60 phone calls, 2 minutes, it spends at least 2 hours.

With the technical service program, minimum phone calls are ensured and the technical service personnel remains for a serious period of time. While driving, even opening the navigation that takes you to the customer’s address with one click is life-saving on its own.

Data is collected in order to calculate the performance of the technical service personnel. For each work order, the time spent on the road, the actual working time, and the waiting times at the job are kept. Due to the work of the service personnel, income items such as labor, parts and other are kept. Technical service personnel likes the technical service software more and more as time passes, as it provides a fair calculation in premium calculation.

Happy Customer


Nowadays, when time is the most valuable thing, people want to plan the time and want to be informed about the service they will receive, it is okay to do the service tomorrow if you inform, and if you do not provide information, it can be a subject that the customer will be very angry about.

In the technical service program, it makes the customers happy by informing the customer in case of situation changes such as opening the work order, making an appointment, closing the work order, the service form coming in PDF, and the possibility to store it digitally. The PDf form is given to the customer with qualified and full information since it contains checklists, according to the form filled in manually.

Service repetition rate decreases with the technical service program, because the service person who goes to the customer by seeing the service history in the technical service software is more proficient and solves the work there. This is important for customer satisfaction.