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Get rid of unnecessary expenses.

With FieldCo, the online technical service program, you get rid of wasted expenses.

Manage your company Online.

Easily access all the details of your company with the web and mobile technical service program.

Satisfied customer

Your customers, who are informed about the service they receive online, will want to work with you more because they are satisfied.


We have been working on postpurchase services and technical service management since 2004.

We are experts in technical service and field service management with its dynamically designed screens, web interface and mobile application with offline working capabilities.

With our 17 years of experience, we provide services in over 20 sectors in 18 countries around the world.

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What ıs FıeldCo?

Web-based and Mobile technical service program

Web interface

It is a fully dynamically designed technical service program that can be designed specifically for the needs of the end user, additional fields can be added, mandatory fields and sorting options.

Mobil application

Our technical service program application offers offline operation for Android and iOS. Mobile application can be used in places where there is no internet.

Do you need FIeldCo?

Why FieldCo Technical Service Program?

Do you fill out forms manually?

Do hand-filled forms always reach you? Can the customer read the texts in this form? Can you follow the stock of the staff? If the answer is no, meet FieldCo.

Welcome to FieldCo!

All your data is at your fingertips with your fully digitized forms. Personnel performance, product history information, employee pocket warehouse tracking, illustrated checklists and more. Your employees are live on the map, with open works.

Increased profitability

You will not have stock losses with personnel mobile warehouse tracking. Your service repetition rate decreases as the service history appears on mobile. Your customers will be satisfied with instant information and visual checklist forms.

Postpurchase servıces are our busıness

Our expertise in postpurchase services, field service management and business follow-up.

Technical service management

What you are looking for in Technical Service Management is at FieldCo! Such as sub-service management, sub-service progress, customer progress, order, employee tracking, customer satisfaction surveys; Whether you are managing a single service with 3 employees or being a service of a brand with 500 sub-services. FieldCo meets all your needs for postpurchase sales services with its technical service program experience.

Job tracking in the field

You are not a service, but you have an operation in the field, and the FiledCo technical service program is your great assistant to follow up. Where the field staff is now, where he has been in the past, when he set out for the relevant transaction, when he arrived, his pictures, if any, and the signature of the addressee make your business follow-up without any problems.

teknik servis programı
technical service program

Why should I use a technıcal servıce program?

Benefit Provided by the Technical Service Program

Companies that use desktop or web-based software and provide services in the field cannot follow their work in real time. Because the paper service form is still filled in the field, and when this form reaches the office, it has an entry. Therefore, it is necessary to use a mobile application in order to follow up online business. The mobile application must also be able to work offline.

FieldCo technical service program offers advanced mobile application with offline feature for android and ios.

Saves money

Easy work scheduling, reduced service repetition...

No more stock losses

Inventory tracking with ERP integration.

ERP integrations

We are integrated with 17 ERP and commercial package software.

Collect in the field.

Tracking of collections with mobile application

Make it available to your customer

Your customer can log in to web or mobile.

Digitized data

Personnel performance, product costs...

Our expert staff

listen to you, implement and develop the most suitable solution for you.

We saved time in our operational processes and saved an average of 750,000 A4 papers annually. We got rid of storage and cargo costs. Technicians' access to information in the field has become easier. We can see the workflow instantly through the FieldCo technical service program.

Öner Soydemir İklimSA

We are able to deliver the work orders received to us to our service network in an electronic environment quickly and effectively by entering the FieldCo technical service program. We can monitor and intervene these organized works instantly on the system.

Mustafa Ülker Sunny

I have used almost all of the similar technical service programs available in the market as demos. We chose FieldCo. because we were satisfied with the content, support and ease of use. They quickly adapted to our company and our operation. I recommend it for the support they offer and their open structure to development.

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